We organize events of all kinds, anywhere. For this we have the best professionals in all modes (street, ramp, freestyle). From our extensive experience in promoting skate, we offer various activities for youth and adults, from circuits fingerskate courses (with rotation cycle up to 100 participants per hour), exhibits the best pros, local and professional championships and all kinds playful activity.

These events consist of:

- Initiation classes free for all attendees

- Modules skate-average basic level

- Exhibition of riders

- Awards and Gifts

- Photos and Video Clip

We promote skateboarding as a healthy and suitable sport for all ages, and have a wide variety of circuits and ramps of all sizes.

Consult us without obligation.

Tel. +34 665 767 229 or email

Visitamos el Colegio CEIP Marie Curie, Los Bermejales de Sevilla para seguir fomentando el skate entre los más pequeños. Taller de skate, juegos y exhibición. Todo un placer transmirtir nuestra pasión a los más peques.