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Doctown Skate Camps


Enjoy summer skating, learning and sharing moments 100% skateboarding.

  • Private Skateparks y Streetpark, miniramps.
  • You can meet skaters from all over Europe.
  • Skating everyday with our professional riders.
  • Exclusive beach, pool, mini golf, water activities.
  • Trip to Barcelona + Skateshop.
  • Insurance and 24h Monitoring.
  • Welcome gifts: Complete JART Skateboard + T + other gifts ...

DATES 2016
From 04 to 10 de July
From 11 to 17 de July
From 04 to 17 de July

Come and you could win a week in the world's most famous skate camps in the US. (research) 

Our goal with skate camps is to transmit all the passion we feel for this sport since we were so young as our Campers why since 2007 we organized this skate camp where boys and girls share the experience of living during a intense week of activities around the world of skateboarding in the hands of the best professionals in the country.

Skate Camp is designed and adapted to accommodate boys and girls regardless of age or level. We organize the campers in small groups, coordinated by a professional who will provide care tailored to the needs of each camper.

Doctown gives special attention to both the skate camp as the activities are done in a controlled and safe environment. The professionals at all times monitor activities and will ensure the good condition of the campers under the instructions, if required, the doctor Hector Garcia..

Grupo Skate Camps Barcelona 2014

In Doctown Skate Camp we have a learning program with professionals and multiple complementary activities: the campers will skate with Pros, we will have the visit and exhibitions Teams, screening of videos, learning workshops, playful activities and gifts for all participants.

During the Skate Camp, filmers and professional photographers will be in charge of filming activities, so that campers can take home a souvenir of the experience.

To ensure good care and the kids make the most of the Skate Camp the number of participants is limited, so if you are interested, we recommend that you make your registration as soon take a decision.

In Doctown work hard to meet our demands, because our greatest reward and illusion is that boys and girls share an unforgettable and inspiring experience, which they learned and enjoyed, beyond the skate.

Doctown recommends the use of protections for practicing skate in their events. The final decision to use them will depend on the rider or responsible guardian. IT IS REQUIRED AT LEAST THE USE OF HELMET..